Slow cook duck breast for X'mas / Magret de canard pour Noël

Home and family is the place where the warmest place to stay. Cooking is one of the element that could united the family :) I love to cook a good food at home, and we love to share to our family or sometimes our closest friends. Finally X'mas and we need to cook!.

That time was different because I invited Judith an old friend from Indonesia together with our small family. Honestly I decided to made the dinner at once because I need to share the time with the person from Indonesia well her present somehow healed my solitude.

Ok so a day before we have made a quick decision, we went to the grocery and we found a breast of duck, small potatoes, beet, and zucchini. Vincent asked me whether we should take something else. At that time I was thinking other things, well then we were thinking that, it was enough.  So I've cooked the breast at "low temperature" and served with gravy zucchini, small potatoes (pommes grenailles) and poured with beet sauce.. how? let's take …


As usual, every year in the summer all of the people in Europe surely run out from home or directly set up their table on their garden to eat outdoor. Honestly, really living in Europe for us SUN is the new GOD :p. I was thinking “what kind of food that we are going to eat”. Then I finally found thatteppanyakistyle of eat would suit best for us. I would like to share you that this one is the real good one.Teppanyakiis a style of Japanese cuisine that normally uses an iron griddle to cook a food. I just know that the wordteppanyakiderived fromteppanwhich means iron plate, and yaki means grilled, broiled, or pan-fried. Like ordinary people in Japan,teppanyakirefers to dishes cooked using an iron plate, including steak, shrimp.
If you look down those photos, fortunately at the time I kept the banana leaf so I could use it to decorate my white table, well As I am Indonesian and I was closely live with banana leaf so I found that the universe gave a honour on me “lil bit exaggerate” lol.

One fine day in spring

One fine day in spring

Morning in spring always brings a happiness. Every morning the ray of sun teases me to wake up, dredges me to approach the window where I can embrace the warmth, and surely.. a brewed coffe completes the life. Every morning in spring is a blessing from the universe, a new beginning like the flower blossom, the most blue sky, the brightest sunshine. Full of hopes.
Ellis Petter is right: "Every spring is the only spring - a perpetual astonishment". But for me, it's beyond that, it's a hint of life. Why? Because when you embrace the spring you feel like soaking into the deep warm water. Truth is, yes, spring is a perpetual happiness.
Un beau jour au printemps
Un matin de printemps apporte toujours un bonheur. Ce matin, le rayon du soleil me taquine pour me réveiller,  pour m'attirer près de la fenêtre où je peux m'enivr…

The Infinite Love

Thank's to friends who supported me to made those pictures. Those friends are straights, even the model. It's really mean to me, why? because there is no thick wall how to make arts between straight and homosexuality. love to make collaboration.

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Magic Gate

Marriage will always be special, and when that happens they must remember that the essence of marriage is that it is a covenant, a commitment, a promise of future love, no matter if you’re gay or mixed race couple; when you are drawn together, ultimately it doesn’t matter what everybody thinks because it’s so honest, true, and sincere. How can that be wrong?
Patrick and Anuwat, finally their dream got granted. They have committed to engage their life forever..The ceremony took place at the city hall in Antwerp Belgium. I saw where exactly the rings were put on and signed the married agreement. Honestly I do not know them well, but my fiancé is a friend of Anuwat, by the way it really touched me indeed. My heart fell in to the space where I couldn’t trace the dream and real life. It was such the dream but remaining true!
That was the thing I have been dreaming on. The scene that I am craving for, walking my own path and choose someone I desire to be with.  Now I really thanks to the God …

Let's Vote for a Better Indonesia


Pouring by fear recently. The series of radical action done by radical Muslim group going to happen more and more. The people views of jogja have strongly deteriorated, simply because the home town where I raised, and born, somehow gradually less secure.
Jogja as I know the city of which can serve a model of Indonesia national Moto Bhineka Tunggal Ika ( Unity in Diversity), because in fact real Yogyakartan can accept from outside the cultural difference bought by settlers.
As Yogyakartan, I mostly know what Yogyakarta principle is. It’s all indeed based on the philosophy Hamemayu Hayuning Bawono ( maintaining good relations with human being, fellow creature, the universe and with the almighty) and Hamengku Hamengkoni (Throne for people and welfare) which is rooted in the philosophy that foster a sense of divinity and build a sense of humanity rather than the religious sense, and a Sultan Yogyakarta as a symbol of cultural leader to protect both their own community as well as …

la Beaute de Cyjne (The Beauty of Swan)

Photo credit;Gde Wira Brahmana
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