Magic Gate

Marriage will always be special, and when that happens they must remember that the essence of marriage is that it is a covenant, a commitment, a promise of future love, no matter if you’re gay or mixed race couple; when you are drawn together, ultimately it doesn’t matter what everybody thinks because it’s so honest, true, and sincere. How can that be wrong?
Patrick and Anuwat, finally their dream got granted. They have committed to engage their life forever..The ceremony took place at the city hall in Antwerp Belgium. I saw where exactly the rings were put on and signed the married agreement. Honestly I do not know them well, but my fiancĂ© is a friend of Anuwat, by the way it really touched me indeed. My heart fell in to the space where I couldn’t trace the dream and real life. It was such the dream but remaining true!
That was the thing I have been dreaming on. The scene that I am craving for, walking my own path and choose someone I desire to be with.  Now I really thanks to the God …

Let's Vote for a Better Indonesia


Pouring by fear recently. The series of radical action done by radical Muslim group going to happen more and more. The people views of jogja have strongly deteriorated, simply because the home town where I raised, and born, somehow gradually less secure.
Jogja as I know the city of which can serve a model of Indonesia national Moto Bhineka Tunggal Ika ( Unity in Diversity), because in fact real Yogyakartan can accept from outside the cultural difference bought by settlers.
As Yogyakartan, I mostly know what Yogyakarta principle is. It’s all indeed based on the philosophy Hamemayu Hayuning Bawono ( maintaining good relations with human being, fellow creature, the universe and with the almighty) and Hamengku Hamengkoni (Throne for people and welfare) which is rooted in the philosophy that foster a sense of divinity and build a sense of humanity rather than the religious sense, and a Sultan Yogyakarta as a symbol of cultural leader to protect both their own community as well as …

la Beaute de Cyjne (The Beauty of Swan)

Photo credit;Gde Wira Brahmana
Stylist: Nocky
MUA: Nocky

My Lovely Batik

Now time to us to reflect how amazing the treasure of Indonesia. We are not only have the blue of the sea, the white of the sand beach, the green of the forest, but we have Batik which become the symbol of our nation. Im so proud of some of the talented designers strive to change the conservative image in to the genuine and wearable one.We can see the fresh tone of colors, the (not) outdated style, and yes the perfect mixture of the other materials. Above all I love batik, and I love to be the witness of all what my home town has. Attached, that was some pictures of Batik fashion show in Jogjakarta which held by Tommy Wahyudi as the designers. 

Photograph: Nocky Chandra

Harajuku Style

Love the way I did in 2010, this is one of my premium master with my former colleague in WOMAGZ (word of magazine), we've been so productive and love the way we worked as a family. This section Harajuku style was chosen simply reflected the diversity and Siane as model has that "look"  so welcome and have a look those frames, merci d'avance. 
Credit title: Photographer : Gede Wira Model           : Siane MUA            : Nocky

Man With The Colour

Love's everywhere and everyone deserve to be loved. None of us has the right to bribe people happiness. Since we were born we don't  know what we're gonna be, and who we are. Label are made by society and those label seems like a myth. We should follow things what people think is right, once we act differently we are consider as "disorder". Been there done that and hate that. Bullying was like catastrophe for me, when I was kid I didn't know why people mocked me. They called me banshe, and faggot or whatever name it. This heart shattered down in to pieces, neither physically health granted nor the pride. People been yelling bad things at me simply I was look feminine than "supposed to be". I'm still remember they came over me and pinch my ass then yelled out loud BANSHE BANSHE.

  I ran to chased them because I want to knock them down, but since they were so many, I couldn't reach them. That things happened on and on every day. At home I o…

Magic Wand

My phone rang, I didn't recognise the number, I picked up the phone and after I heard the men voice "Hello", he said. I directly noticed that this one is my friend, "Hi Lambox" I replied. He called me because there will be preweeding job, and He told me he gonna hire me as a MUA. So the time has come I've packed my weapon kit and ready to inscribed their look with my magic wand.
Love had a good time with folks in a sunny day. One, two, three frames produced, and my hand keep swinging and inscribing the couple faces, and I saw smiles adorned in every caption. The shoots session were well underway, but during a break of photo session I took a walk, or sit in the hood, detach the exhaustion by seen how beautiful the nature is. I felt my lungs inflate with onrush of scenery air, mountains, trees, and people. I realised that John Muris is so true, he said "Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give …