Sunday, 26 January 2014

My Lovely Batik

Now time to us to reflect how amazing the treasure of Indonesia. We are not only have the blue of the sea, the white of the sand beach, the green of the forest, but we have Batik which become the symbol of our nation. Im so proud of some of the talented designers strive to change the conservative image in to the genuine and wearable one.We can see the fresh tone of colors, the (not) outdated style, and yes the perfect mixture of the other materials. Above all I love batik, and I love to be the witness of all what my home town has. Attached, that was some pictures of Batik fashion show in Jogjakarta which held by Tommy Wahyudi as the designers. 

Photograph: Nocky Chandra

Monday, 5 August 2013

Harajuku Style

Love the way I did in 2010, this is one of my premium master with my former colleague in WOMAGZ (word of magazine), we've been so productive and love the way we worked as a family. This section Harajuku style was chosen simply reflected the diversity and Siane as model has that "look"  so welcome and have a look those frames, merci d'avance. 

Credit title:
Photographer : Gede Wira
Model           : Siane
MUA            : Nocky

Friday, 10 May 2013

Man With The Colour

  Love's everywhere and everyone deserve to be love. None of us has the right to bribe people happiness. Since we were born we don't  know what we're gonna be, and who we are. Label are made by society and those label seems like a myth, so do the "ideal" phrase. We should follow things what people think is right, once we act differently we are consider as "disorder". Been there done that and hate that. Bullying was like catastrophe for me, when I was kid I didn't know why people mocked me. They called me banshe, and faggot or whatever name it. This heart shattered down in to pieces, neither physically health granted nor the pride. People been yelling bad things at me simply I'm look feminine than "supposed to be". I'm still remember they came over to me and pinch my ass then yelled out loud BANSHE BANSHE. I ran to chased them because I want to knock them down, but since they were many people so I couldn't reach them. That things happened on and on every day. At home I only able to cried, I couldn't told to my parents, cuz i want to look fine and strong. But finally I fed up and couldn't be bare those treatment. I was nearly committed suicide simply because for me "death" is easy and I thought could make them understand how bully might take someone life,but at the end I realized that I was just hide my self from the fear I have parents and friends who still love me and " I have million reason to live"- Jonah Mowry.

  I thought that scars will remain faded but time has passed the feeling fear and beaten still left a foot print in my heart. I'm a man with the colour and I do not have any sense of revenge to avenge all their deeds. My only prayer is I wish the best for all of the hauliers  and forgive their deeds. I am invite all of you to open the both eyes and hearts that life is so good and please do not taint it with hate, sin, envious, and jealous. I am the living proof of the bully and I don't wanna see more tears falling, scratch, bleed, mentally raped and death. We are all made by happiness and yet we only pursue happiness in life. So please stand up! to against bullying, let's wipe the scars from their life forever and ever. Life's no more beautiful without love.  

Make up: Me
Model : Clara Devi
Photograph: Clara Devi

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Magic Wand

My phone rang, I didn't recognise the number, I picked up the phone and after I heard the men voice "Hello", he said. I directly noticed that this one is my friend, "Hi Lambox" I replied. He called me because there will be preweeding job, and He told me he gonna hire me as a MUA. So the time has come I've packed my weapon kit and ready to inscribed their look with my magic wand.

Love had a good time with folks in a sunny day. One, two, three frames produced, and my hand keep swinging and inscribing the couple faces, and I saw smiles adorned in every caption. The shoots session were well underway, but during a break of photo session I took a walk, or sit in the hood, detach the exhaustion by seen how beautiful the nature is. I felt my lungs inflate with onrush of scenery air, mountains, trees, and people. I realised that John Muris is so true, he said "Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul."

I love my work, because I can see people smiles from my magic wand and above all is how I worship the magic of nature

Cloche hat: H&M
Oxford shoes: St. Mines
Watch : Emporio Armani
Leather belt: Roberto Cavali
Suspender: H&M
White Shirt: D&G

Credit Photo:
Photograph:  Lambox Sinaga
Photo Editor: Lambox Sinaga

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Today Inspiration (Embroidery)

When I was kid my mom always sitting in the corner of balcony and brought some wools, needles, metal strips, sometimes pearls, beads, and sequins. I have no idea what she did to those stuff. Since this is intriguing matter so I approached her and started observing.  Sitting under the blue of the sky  pay much attention and I came up with classic question "Mom what are you doing?", and mom told me "This is the handicraft of decorating fabric, called Embroidery" My eyebrow raised , sign that I have no idea about it. Mom told me that Embroidery was a very important art in the Medieval Islam World, one of the most interesting accounts of embroidery were given y the 17th century Turkish traveler Evliya Celebi called it the "Craft of the two hands".  Embroidery also was a sign of high social status in Muslim society, and this kind of craft hugely popular in some cities such as Damascus, Cairo, and Istanbul. 

A characteristic of embroidery stitch is the hand-sewing or more stitches that are always executed in the same way. For me this is one of the complex method of sewing the wools, so that I amaze my mom so much and ask why she could do that?. Then today when I checked my tumblr I found some cool stuff, I called this is the diverse of embroidery since those pictures shown the collapse between both art, craft, and fashion even Vanessa Jackman rocking embroidery at Paris Fashion Week 2013 recently. Those picture translate the art in a peculiar way, somehow simple but remaining fierce because  the pattern drafting reflect the evolution of inventio. I Wish I be able to make embroidery for my outfit collection someday and do the same thing like Vanessa Jackman ;)

Images via Tumblr

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ma Journee En Europe

It's 12 AM as usual I woke up late, and hand my self a cup of coffee then opened up my laptop, surfing page to page in internet and rode the world updates. Finally I checked out my email, and yes finally I've got new message. Yayy my photos done to edit by my friends Widi and Vincent. Those pictures are my lil journey in Europe in 2011/2012. Started from France, Belgium (Liege), and Amsterdam. I would love to make some frames at some commercial places such as Eifel,  Louvre, Moulin Rouge or etc..But those places didn't really thriled me and I more attached to some intriguing corners including; A bridge and des jardins in Paris, a corner in an old train station at Choudfountaine Belgium, and some random places near by the river in Amsterdam.

J'aime beaucoup envoyage en Europe. I could see the diffrent sides of world, also the cold of the winter, well it's not as beautifull as I seen on TV though -___-'. My body wrapped in layers of clothes and  the black wool coat. But things were fine when the sun flares arised and stroke every corner of those ancient buldings, and the dazzling reflection really close resemblance of crystal clear. I was like diving in a picasso and I never regret to walk thousand miles to witnessed those things. My journey is the materialized of the dreams and my father encourage, so it's never been ephermal.

This journey reminisced me to my father  when I was kid, my dad always be my perfect role model, I always want to be him, that to be able to travel arround the world and got the scholarship to study abroad. He always said to me "There will be your time and be more than me" while he brought me a gift from Netherland and some other countries years ago, and Voila im here and ready to catch more dream.

This is one of the lil journey in my life and now time for me to spew out  more vows to the sky 

Shoes: Playboy
Coat  : Spectrum
Belt   : Calvin Klein
Glases: John Varvatos
Creamy Wool Coat: Zara

Credit Tittle.
Photograph    : Vincent Demonty
Photo Editor  : Widhiasmoro Risang
                         Vincent Demonty

Monday, 1 April 2013

Des Jardins

Yesterday was a lovely day, I had a change to visited some grounds at the down south area of Yogyakarta, the place is exactely near by the southern beach called Parangteritis. I went there cuz the job calling me . Once I arrived at the place I just know that the location was within the forest then my heart directly falling in love to one corner in the deep of this forest. I never had such these feeling I really getting attached to the nature. I 've found a perfect joy in a touch of the nature.  I vowed the eternity of the nature and I never want see this walk away